About us

TJL Transport offers small, medium and large Canadian businesses a turnkey commercial freight (B2B) service, from boarding to delivery, including transportation logistics and warehousing. 

Over the years, we have developed specialized expertise in refrigerated food transport (reefer) and in bulk (dumper). This does not prevent us from being able to transport any other type of goods. Our fleet travels throughout North America, with a strong presence in the Toronto-Halifax corridor. 

We are fortunate to have two passionate partners leading the company, both of whom were truckers in their previous lives. We understand the everyday realities of freight transport because we’ve experienced it first-hand. Our knowledge of the field serves both our customers and our employees.

Two decades of expertise

Our expertise in logistics, freight transportation and warehousing is not new. We have been evolving in the field since 2004. Our company is well established, it has proven itself and has been constantly evolving since its founding day. Today, with an impressive fleet of more than 75 trucks and a team of more than 80 truckers, it is with pride that we offer you the best of both worlds: the task force of the biggest players in the industry and the proximity and service of a ‘mom and pop’ shop.

What sets us apart

Our innovative methods, our innovative approach, our response times, and our irreproachable service. Why do we have such a loyal following? Our close ties, with our customers and our employees, our reliability, our transparency and our all-in-one solutions. We work together, respecting each other’s strengths, because we know that together we always go further. We are always ready to find a solution for your specific needs and emergencies, and “impossible” is not part of our vocabulary. Our great agility and our desire to be constantly in control of our fleet allow us to respond quickly and to deal swiftly with any eventuality.

Our vision

What motivates us on a daily basis? To become a leader in temperature-controlled transport, to occupy an ever-larger space in the industry (particularly in Northeastern Canada), and to benefit from our reputation that continues to travel at high speed.

The little story of big success

This is the story of a local company that steadily rolled along. A great adventure that began in 2004 with just one truck. We have come a long way since …


It is August in Rimouski, Quebec. Jacques Labbé founds his company which we know today as TJL Transport. From its first kilometers, the company sets out to become a leader in refrigerated food transport.

A first transport contract is obtained. The mission? Bring dairy products safely through the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Côte-Nord regions. At the end of the first week, a second truck is added to the fleet.

New contracts follow, one after another …


Guillaume Labbé, Jacques Labbé’s son, joins the adventure. The fleet of trucks is picking up the pace.


The TJL Transport terminal is open in Trois-Rivières.


The Trois-Rivières terminal officially becomes the company’s head office. This anchor point marks a turning point for TJL’s growth. The same year, the company launches into inter-provincial transport.


The next generation is getting ready. Guillaume becomes a shareholder of the TJL Group.


TJL international is launched. Transportation activities in Canada are consolidated.


Jacques officially passes the reins of the company to his son Guillaume. He is slowly heading for a well-deserved retirement.


With the purchase of a full-service facility enviably positioned in Centre-du-Québec, TJL Transport is adds rail freight transport services to its offering.

A team that drives success

If TJL Transport can consistely manage to surpass itself for its customers, it is above all thanks to its team. We understand that there is strength in unity. And we are very united. Let us introduce you to some of the family.

Jacques Labbé


Guillaume Labbé


Catherine Allard

Financial controller

Maggie Dechamplain

Administrative and compliance coordinator

Marie-Ève Bédard-Cloutier

HR coordinator

Sophie Robichaud

Administrative and operation clerk

Alain Gallant

Refrigerated operations supervisor

Pierre Hubert

Dispatcher and warehouse manager

Yan Brunelle

Garage foreman

Kevin Bonin


In addition to this core team, we count on more than 80 truckers without whom your precious cargo could not reach its destination!